La Bohème Production in Turin Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Decree by Italian Prime Minister

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared that all shows, events and performances across the nation will be cancelled until April 3. This means that Dinara Alieva’s debut at the Teatro Regio as Mimì is also cancelled. It concerns performances from 11 to 22 March 2020.

From Teatro Regio’s website:

We are working in these hours to save La bohème. It is not easy to reprogramme three months of activities, we need to find proper solutions to fit the need of the production with the times to dedicate to rehearsals and with artists’ availability.  

As you can guess, it is not an easy and quick work. 
As soon as possible we will give you news and update which, we hope, can be understood and shared by you.

Hoping to meet you all soon at the Regio!

Thank you for your comprehension.

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